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Ferreira Fest 83 is now online!

And before you know it the 20th of the month rolls around again and it's time for a new Ferreira Fest at The Friends of Louis Ferreira! We have something for everyone - photos and sound clips, show news for Travelers, Aftermath and This Life, screen caps, our exclusive Reading Series, and lots of food for thought. Grab an age-appropriate cocktail and a wedge of freshly baked pineapple upside-down cake and come on in!
It's February 20th - and this means it's this year's BIRTHDAY EDITION of Ferreira Fest, the monthly party where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira, his charities and the works of his friends! We have lots of input from Louis himself, show updates, a bunch of photos, friends news and our exclusive Reading Series, so grab a slice of pineapple birthday cake and an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!

Ferreira Fest 67 is now online!

Summer is in full swing and in the Northern Hemisphere we're staying cool at Ferreira Fest 67 while celebrating Louis Ferreira's acting career and charity projects and the recent adventures of his friends! We have a lot of stuff again this month, from a new charity to photos to an exclusive interview with MOTIVE Executive Producer Dennis Heaton, our Reading Series and exciting Friends news! Come on in, grab a pineapple drink of your choice at our virtual bar and settle in for some good times!

louisferreira.org is now online!


That's it - the big moment is here: we have moved to louisferreira.org and the new site is online.

From the home page, check out the news page and then go to the Ferreira Fest tab. Click on Ferreira Fest 44 and there's your newsletter!

Ferreira Fests 1-43 have been moved to the new web page as well where they are much easier to find, and they have been updated with embedded sound clips throughout.

Hope to see you all there!